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Musicery at ImPulzus


Let’s form a children’s orchestra!

Musicery, designed for the 6-9-year-old age group, aims to develop children’s musical skills by learning to play instruments together.

Elements of the session:

  • singing together
  • playing musical instruments – rhythm instruments, metallophone
  • skill development using singing and movement
  • listening to music

Meet Lolita Berényi, who during her studies dealt with several new types of music teaching models. In the spirit of the Kodály concept, she tested the domestic initiative that integrates movement into several aspects of music learning. In her thesis, she scrutinized some alternative pedagogies based on the principle of “learning by doing” and compared the methods of Maria Montessori, Dalcroze, Carl Orff, and Klára Kokas with the principles of experiential pedagogy. Using these experiences, she created the concept of Musicery, which you can now get to know here :)

Donáczi Cseperke, hangszer tanulás, cselló tanár

“I feel that the kindergarten-primary school age group is the closest to me, I like to be involved in the playful world without limitation
of imagination and creativity, in which children of this age live and create every day.
I consider as the most beautiful moments in my classes when the children and I inspire each other to come up with ideas together,
because in this case, through free creation, a joyful, selfless and happy atmosphere is created, where gaining experiences takes the main role.
I strive for this again and again in my lessons, and my goal is to create musical sessions that become scenes of joy
and experience arising from creating and playing music.”

Lolita Berényi

at ImPulzus

For children aged 6-9



45 min. workshop 

leader of the workshop:
Lolita Berényi

in Budapest, next to Nyugati railway station

personal attention

music game with a metallophone

common singing

listening to music

surprise gift

*Our group lessons start from 3 people.

What will happen if you apply?

After filling out the application form, we will give you feedback on the appointment.
The next few days, you have nothing to do – enough to be spiritually prepared for the first time.

Apply now or write your questions to Edit at!

You can’t start early enough

They will be happy to talk about it on the way home

If you were to learn an instrument later on

Games and surprises

The important thing is that they love it

The best motivation comes from within. We’ll help you find it!

We think it is the school’s job to encourage. Our desires are born from experience, and our knowledge from desire.

Fundamental freedom rights, passage 12: Everyone has the right to sing!

Some people take 10-15 years to realize that music is missing from their lives. And some people come to ImPulzus first.