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Why the vocal training of each choir is different?

Written by: Csaba Tőri

October 27, 2018

The answer seems to be very simple, and actually, it is simple, but it reserves so many interesting things, so it worth to have a post about it.
The reason behind of this is that each person has different voice capabilities. We are different in terms of volume, tone, pitch, and comfortable range, and our vocal strain ability and agility are important determination factors in the songs that are worth for us to sing.

As choir singers there is another aspect that is worth to focus on. When we choose a choir or a seat, on one hand it is good to pay attention to be among people with same type of voice, on the other hand to focus on technically how to sing.

Of course, an amateur choir works for the joy of singing primarily, and it has no priority to build technical know-how. Same time I could observe on my choir members that they could find their optimal neighbours, and their technical knowledge improved two-three times more within a couple of weeks. That is why it is so important, because the members within the choir started to assimilate to each other, so the conductor will also be happier, and the audience could expect more beautiful result soon. Anyway, be careful: avoid making this as a source of unnecessary tense. Some people will pay attention to this, others maybe would not be aware of this, but we also have an impact on each other by instinct. It would not be any good if this became another source of conflicts among people with different views. When we pay attention to enjoy ourselves vocally during the rehearsals too, for sure, the common experience of the choir would provide more value for us.