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We are fortunate to inform you that our project “ImMusic – Impulsive Music Activities to Promote Intercultural Relations” has got financial support under the construction of ERASMUS+ in the field of youth issues.

The project is controlled by the TEMUPUS Public Foundation, Hungary
Id. No.: 2019-1-HU01-KA205-060687



About the project:

The ImMusic – Impulsive Music Activities to Promote Intercultural Relations project proposes a new type of activities within youth communities. The special musical sessions offer joyful and playful hours for youngsters and through the transfer influence of music improve their skills and competences. The competences which can be improved through music activities are as follows: social cooperation, inclusion, concentration, creativity, coordination etc.

The partners:

  • Hangkeltő Alapítvány, Hungary (project co-ordinator)
  • Tudatos Ifjúságért Alapítvány, Hungary
  • World Music School, Helsinki, Finland
  • Coyote Initiatives CIC, Findhorn, United Kingdom
  • “Microkosmos” Associazione Culturale Italo-Ellenica per la Formazione, Turin, Italy

All participating organizations will offer their competences, abilities and experiences concerning the objectives of the project.


Why is this good for us?

  • Because we can present the results of our activities at an international level;
  • Because we can work with amazing partners;
  • Because we can get to know the results of music and youth work in other countries;
  • Because the activities developed in the project can be used in our later work;
  • Because we can enrich our training offer;
  • Because we can also build a professional relationship with the representatives of youth profession.


Why is this good for our partners?

  • Because the application provides them with financial and professional support for their work;
  • Because they can add their professional achievements and practical experience to the occupation-draft being created;
  • Because they get a unique international opportunity to present themselves at European level;
  • Because in case of the project’s success they’ll be able to extend their musical activities to other areas.


Why is this good to colleagues participating in ImPulzus training?

  • Because internationally tested practices are integrated into the training program;
  • Because we can use modern methods at our trainings;
  • Because beyond musical skills development, we are more focused on developing related social skills (collaboration, observation, acceptance, coordination, etc.)
  • Because we can share our international experiences with them.


Why is this good for the youth?

  • Because music is trained considering their needs and opportunities;
  • Because their skill can develop in a fun and experimental way through music activities;
  • Because musical youth workers can work with them in community centres, clubs, youth programs, camps;
  • Because their horizons are expanding in the field of music, they can get to know new works, approaches and methods in a variety of musical genres.
  • Because they can recognize their hidden abilities, they can develop a sense of responsibility towards each other in a cheerful company in a fun way.