ImPulzus Christmas 2020 - ImPulzus

ImPulzus Christmas 2020

ImPulzus – Christmas present :)

Would you like to give something really valuable for Christmas?

Would you be happy if your loved one remembered for your gift for a long time?

We become two years old, and as a gift we provide a one-session program for you that is also perfect for a Christmas present, so you can make a great stride for improving your loved ones!

If you have anyone to surprise – a friend, a relative or even your kid -, who you want to play music regularly, this Christmas discount offer is specially for them.  Let’s have a meeting where they can experience how it feels like to work with us. If you want to surprise yourself with a gift – it’s also an option :)

Order the program and be among the first 20 candidates so the present will arrive for you on time for sure!

for an online session

2500 HUF

instead for 1500 HUF

You can peek into a group session for 1 occasion by arrangement so you will be able to see how we are going on in the following topics:

for a small group session

4500 HUF

instead for 2500 HUF

You can peek into a group session for 1 occasion by arrangement
so you will be able to see how we are going on together in the following topics:

Individual session

7500 HUF

instead for 5000 HUF

A completely individual personal session,
where you can peek into the world of a chosen musical instrument:

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What will happen after the you have ordered the product?

1. After we have received your money transfer, ImPulzus team will send you the ticket in pdf. In that document there will be all the next steps and what the candidate should do.

2. You can wrap it in a nice envelope and put it under the Christmas tree if you feel like.

3. You can listen at the end of the session how good it was – and for a longer term you can count on us in solving any musical dilemma or overcoming any difficulties. When you have trouble – call us and we will help.?

Click on the button and give an amazing experience!

The offer is available for the first 20 candidate, the latest deadline for application is: 18th December 2020.

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[icon_box title=”Easy virtuosity” text=”” style=”centered-circle” color=”custom” color_custom=”#ffcb2a” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-check”]
[icon_box title=”Experience and knowledge same time” text=”” style=”centered-circle” color=”custom” color_custom=”#ff7b9b” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-check”]
[icon_box title=”It’s never too late to start” text=”” style=”centered-circle” color=”custom” color_custom=”#83e017″ icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-check”]
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A multitude of practical exercises, short- and long-term construction, play and fun , are the essence of our job, so that even those who will never have a specialty, yet want to gain deeper knowledge, can easily learn all this.

In our courses, our goal is to make your time a memorable experience, while unnoticeably making many important elements to automation.

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