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Our programs will also guide you into the world of passive musicians: those who do not like or want to sing, but would like to listen to and understand why Bartók or Beethoven was a genius and why their music has been everlasting for centuries – and how an everyday person can understand it.
We invite renowned artists and public figures to the programs of the ImPulzus Club, where we ask about their own work, life and musical anecdotes and occasionally invite our visitors to exciting musical analysis and common thinking.
One Monday night in the cafe, where along with a delightful coffee we listen to precious ideas – just like in today’s nostalgic, cutting-edge films. The purpose of ImPulzus is to create a positive and modern atmosphere and facilitate real, perhaps interacting casual communities.

We will always show the time of the next programs here. If you do not see the exact time, then we  convince each other which plan you will love more.

Come back soon, we hope you can say a few days!

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