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The ImPulzus Creative Music Lab advertises versatile courses for amateur musicians and young music fans. We offer 4 programmes we find relevant to topics that interest us, offering solutions for issues many of us have. The list will be extended every year, it is worth returning even if you’ve finished one of them.
You can already choose from the available offers here:

Coral vocal training

We advertise choral vocal training, after which begins one of the biggest experiences of your life: you can try yourself out at choir rehearsals having the knowledge you lacked when you were afraid of being rejected. After the completion of 1-2 courses, you will use your voice confidently – any choir would benefit from that. Similarly, if you already sing: every challenge that arises can be overcome through a private session with a teacher.

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Instrumental trainings

From the spring of 2020, we are launching instrumental trainings at ImPulzus. The trainings are available for all ages and at every level. In the next period, we are working to keep the list of available instruments constantly expanding.
You can currently apply for the following instruments:
piano, flute, cello, guitar, jazz piano.

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We were searching for the proper form of what you requested a lot of times: We will launch the first theoretical course with four different levels – intro, overview, getting deeper, almost professional. Before applying, you can use a questionnaire to assess your knowledge in advance, so it is not a problem to find the right level.

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Here at ImPulzus we think that the best method to improve ourselves is to meet others and create great experiences together. Nothing compares to listening to an excellent lecturer live – just like reading about a concert is not the same as experiencing it. In the months to come, we invite prestigious experts to Hungary from time to time to give us an introduction to the world in which they became excellent.

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