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ImPulzus Creative Music Lab is a brand new initiative of the Hangkeltő Foundation, offering a wide selection of musical training courses. Our aim is to provide affordable music and choir education for all amateur and enthusiastic young people and adults.

You are welcome if

  • you would like to play music, but don’t know what,
  • and if you are preparing for your conservatory entrance exam.

We would like everyone who chooses us to feel that:

Playing music is something special, but you don’t have to be special to experience. We are all born with some sense of music that enables us to experience this. Even if you haven’t discovered it in you yet, it’s time we help!

zeneoktatás, zeneiskola
We started planning ImPulzus in summer 2018 with the aim of starting music courses in innovative ways.
Our courses are expanding continuously. First to be launched are vocal training courses for amateur singers and choir members and the (ImPulzus) lecture series, and we organise several weekend workshops related to choral singing, with prestigious lecturers from Hungary and abroad. From 2019, we plan the gradual introduction of instrument courses, initially for adults. In the following months, we are launching programmes where you can find something you like, whether you would like to come only for a weekend or looking for comprehensive music education.
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[special_heading title=”Csaba Tőri” subtitle=”Music director” align=”center”]

My goal is to give the younger generation the confidence that making music is joy and one of the key elements of our lives. In fact, it can be left out of it – but it makes everything much happier and more effective.
I have been working with amateur singers and young musicians for 10 years, among them very often beginners, who often become leaders in the choir after 2-3 years. I am proud that many of them are also soloists, and that we also benefit from their knowledge in the preparations for international competitions.

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[special_heading title=”Edit Pálinkás” subtitle=”Program director” align=”center”]

My whole life is determined by the love of music, I have been singing in several choirs since elementary school, and I am grateful to have been able to take part in many successful concerts and tours. Common experiences and successes have given me such a wonderful power, so I would like to show the benefits of music to as many people as possible. As the program director of ImPulzus Creative Music Lab, my goal is to create the right infrastructure and administrative background for high quality music training, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! In addition to ImPulzus, I work on a number of international projects as an organizer, marketing or graphic specialist, primarily on music and architecture.

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[special_heading title=”Nándor Pohl” subtitle=”Jazz piano, piano
Online coordinator” align=”center”]

I started playing the piano at a young age, and since then I have been able to try it out in many segments of music. I am currently a member of many projects and bands that allow me to experience a wide spectrum of music life. After graduating from Bartók Béla Music School, I am currently a student of the Jazz Piano Department of the  Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, in the class of Kálmán Oláh.

[special_heading title=”Norbert Gyódi” subtitle=”Violin” align=”center”]

I have been involved with music since I was seven; my attraction towards playing the violin was already present by then, and it keeps growing ever since. I have committed myself to a musical career quite soon, I never had any doubts that I would like to play the violin on a professional level. In my classes, I aim to provide help to everyone in their own level to discover and get to know all the beauty and joy of violin play.

[special_heading title=”Paula Chelemen” subtitle=”Clarinet, saxophone” align=”center”]

I have been teaching with experience-based, analogy-driven methods for years now, both in person and digitally, and I constantly develop myself based on the feedback of my students. During class we practice all musical methods with playful excercises, which my students can use while practicing at home. The goals during self-improvement is never quantity but quality; because of this, there are usually not much homework but more lessons in class, since there I, as teacher, can better control that the appropriate ways get in practice. I also like to spice up the instrumental classes with improvisation games, so that the students can find joy in using their current musical knowledge.

impulzus gyerekjatek
[special_heading title=”Melinda Nagy” subtitle=”Children’s Play” align=”center”]

Since 2015, I’ve been working with kindergarten children, 5-6, and this age group is very close to me. It is a pleasure to see their creativity, their enthusiasm, their musical creativity unfold with each session. My goal is to introduce kids to many popular children’s toys, rhymes, songs, instruments, all in a fun, playful way.
In addition to teaching, chamber music and singing play an important role in my life. I’ve been playing the violin since I was seven and I used to teach the recorder to high school students. Listening to live music is important to me, so most of the time I say goodbye to the kids with a little play on the violin. I couldn’t wish for a better audience than them.

[special_heading title=”Cseperke Donáczi” subtitle=”Cello” align=”center”]

I have been involved in art, classical music and dancing since my early childhood. As a fresh university student, it is important for me to get to know my profession more, even the field of teaching. As a career beginner feedbacks are important for me. By this opportunity I am able to deliver my knowledge for each age-group, and furthermore, I am also learning together with my students.

[special_heading title=”Eszter Király” subtitle=”Flute” align=”center”]

I have been playing the flute since I was a child, after graduating at Bartók Conservatory I am currently a student of the flute department of Liszt Ferenc University of Music. Ever since I have been on the music track, I like to try myself in many areas: chamber music, conducting, teaching. I currently play in several formations and work with euritmists. I have made many transcriptions for flute, and I like to use these as well as my contemporary musical experience in my teachings.

[special_heading title=”Annamari Szlama” subtitle=”Guitar” align=”center”]

I’ve been teaching guitar for over eight years. My students include children, adults, beginners, advanced and re-starters. Everyone comes with a different purpose. Some would like to accompany themselves with chords near the campfire. Some people want the same thing but are open to the so-called fingerstyle technique and some who want to learn the basics of classical guitar. It is also different how much of their time people are willing to spend on practising. One is for sure. With me, everyone can move towards their goals at their own pace, in a pleasant, friendly learning environment.

[special_heading title=”Dóra Orosz” subtitle=”Vocal trainer” align=”center”]

Since my childhood, singing, as one of the most important self-expressing, emotional mediation tools, is with me. I was lucky: they let me, and even encouraged me. As a leader in amateur choirs, I try to encourage the singers to try out their voices in many ways, and – with technical instructions, I can give them new inspiration for individual development. In choir, such attempts become a community experience – a joining force that frees and coordinates. During a regular choir rehearsal, unfortunately, there is rarely a chance to discover our voices, and in the first 10-15 minutes of the rehearsal, in the warm up exercises we try to get the most out of the singers, and then keep the status so far until the end of the rehearsal. In the ImPulzus weekends we focus on individual and common sound.

[special_heading title=”Orsolya Gaár” subtitle=”Photographer
Volunteer” align=”center”]

Through photography, I was able to become part of the loving vibrations of ImPulzus. I’m not just capturing photographs, but the joyful smiles, shared enthusiasm for music, and the resulting experiences of success. With my pictures, I want memory and daydreaming, secret desires to come to life and to give others the strength to make dreams of music come true.

[special_heading title=”Fruzsina Kiss” subtitle=”Administration
Volunteer” align=”center”]

I have been playing the violin since I was five years old. Music has always defined my life. As a child, I attended a children’s choir and string orchestra, and with them I gained long-lasting experiences at an early age, as I was able to perform with famous choirs, orchestras, soloists and participate in orchestral competitions. After high school, I tried myself in smaller bands. I sang in choirs for years and then unfortunately my studies and work called me away from singing for a while. I felt that I had to move in a musical environment in every way, so I applied to Eger for a degree in music culture, in addition, I’ve been going to a Greek dance house for two years now. I like both! At the ImPulzus I started volunteering, because I wanted to gain experience in organizing music events already during my studies (seeing behind the scenes a bit) and I consider it a good initiative, which I am happy to support.

[special_heading title=”Edit Gungl” subtitle=”Online coordinator
Volunteer” align=”center”]

With noble simplicity, Music is My Life. Preschool has been an integral part of my daily life since I was a child. I attended music school for thirteen years, where I played the clarinet and had solfege classes. It was a great pleasure when I found the ImPulzus volunteer program in 2019, which of course I applied for at once. Edit and Csaba welcomed me with great love. I am currently taking the burden off Edit’s shoulders.

[special_heading title=”Nóra Liptai” subtitle=”Graphic designer
Volunteer” align=”center”]

Although my profession is tied to science, I have always been attracted to tasks that require creativity. I sing in a choir, so the world of music is close to me through this. It gives me great pleasure to be able to help with the smaller graphical tasks of ImPulzus, so I can also improve myself in this area.

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After visiting us, we would like you to look forward to the next opportunity to play music already on your way home. The structure of ImPulzus makes it possible to learn what you really want to, and to continue learning as long as it fits into your lifestyle and you feel like it. Of course, our goal is to give you the most with the courses you attend, this is why we only advertise programs we feel can give you coherent knowledge. This means that for professional reasons, we treat certain programmes as packages; of course, it is also possible to take private lessons, subject to availability.

In accordance with international practice, all our courses are experience-based. We would like everyone to leave the programmes refreshed, filled with energy, so we pay special attention to the creation of exciting, lively musical and sometimes physical activities.

One thing is for sure: we believe that if you give yourself a chance with us, you will find a new side of yourself and the way you look at music. Come and see what joy making music together can give you!

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