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The piano is one of the few instruments that has the power to reproduce the sounding of a full songpiece, or even a full orchestra – played by just one man. (And it’s not even witchcraft…)

Furthermore, our teaching colleagues will even be able to help you with what to focus on in order to easily memorize the song you’ve been dreaming of playing for years. :)

There are so many exciting things going on at the moment, that before you advance, it is time to choose based on your current knowledge: 

What is your piano skill level, where you want to start your learning from?

> I haven’t learned any or only very little piano, I woud like to start from the beginning

> I have been playing for about 5-6 years, my aim is to learn more serious pieces

If you haven’t been playing the piano yet, or only for a short time,

and you would like to gain experience regarding what makes it so enjoyable for both you and others when you play, we wholeheartedly recommend Nándi Pohl, who, besides getting his jazz piano degree this year, is a truly friendly and efficient person.

The best thing about him is that he will make you laugh a lot, while answering your questions either in a simple or a detailed manner:

jazz zongora

“I started playing the piano at a young age, and since then I have been able to try it out in many segments of music. I am currently a member of many projects and bands that allow me to experience a wide spectrum of music life. After graduating from Bartók Béla Music School, I am currently a student of the Jazz Piano Department of the  Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, in the class of Kálmán Oláh.”

Nándor Pohl

“My name is Levente Kapolcsi-Szabó, I’m studying jazz piano at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy. Besides playing music together with others, my passions are jazz and classical piano, and teaching theoretical music.
I can express myself best with the improvisation methods of jazz, but I am open to a lot of other genres, and I believe that besides practical knowledge, theoretical background is also very important.
In my free time I like to listen to music for inspiration to write my own compositions, and I also like sports and hiking when I have the time.”

Levente Kapolcsi-Szabó

Personal sessions

8500 Ft

/ session

[vntd_list items=”recommended minimum length: 10 weeks,1×50 minutes per week,personal development,available appointments: Monday 9am – 12am Saturday 3pm – 6pm,surprise gift at the end” icon=”fa fa-check”]
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What will happen if you apply?

After filling out the application form, we will give you feedback on the appointment.

The next few days, you have nothing to do – enough to be spiritually prepared for the first time.

You can pay in one  or two portions,
at the end of the first lesson, we will provide information about the transfer,
if you feel like finishing the course.

Apply now or write your questions to Edit at info@impulzusmusic.com!


If you already have some experience,

there are likely some genres which are closer to your liking – so we decided that for each of our students applying for advanced sessions, we will find the right colleague who would fit their goals best.

Please send a short e-mail to info@impulzusmusic.com, describing what kind of music you would like to play, and what time slots would be good for you. We will personally find and ask a teacher who is available at that time and would happily work with you on your goals – of course, with the same conditions as described above.

If you cannot think of a particular piece or genre that you are interested in, it is okay to just let us know what kind of pieces you enjoyed playing previously.

What do you think, where would like to start?

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