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It is fairly rare for someone to be as versatile as Paula Chelemen. Besides teaching clarinet (and also saxophone) at ImPulzus, she is a truly creative person: awesome illustrations, commitment for sustainable development – and an outstanding creative caricature technique are all part of her everyday life.

We are quite delighted to welcome her in our team – and you will be able to get to know her too: from now on, one of the most popular and most widely applicable instrument, the clarinet, is available to learn.

Apart from being a potential ‘foundation stone’ in many different musical formations due to its unique tone, the clarinet is a really versatile instrument: besides the common applications in classical music, its kinship with ‘tárogató’ (a Hungarian folk instrument) offers beautiful opportunities in folk music as well.

It is a tune instrument just enough to be able to play the lead in any smaller chamber formation, but it also has the deeper tones to nicely fit in the middle parts of a wind ensemble if needed. And if you are interested in playing Klezmer, clarinet is absolutely essential :)

Give yourself a try and find out what it is like to work with Paula – we are sure that it will have a fantastic effect on your life!

I have been teaching with experience-based, analogy-driven methods for years now, both in person and digitally, and I constantly develop myself based on the feedback of my students. During class we practice all musical methods with playful excercises, which my students can use while practicing at home. The goals during self-improvement is never quantity but quality; because of this, there are usually not much homework but more lessons in class, since there I, as teacher, can better control that the appropriate ways get in practice. I also like to spice up the instrumental classes with improvisation games, so that the students can find joy in using their current musical knowledge.

Personal sessions

8500 Ft*

/ session

[vntd_list items=”recommended minimal length: 10 weeks,1 x 50 minutes per week,in Budapest at Szent Gellért tér or online,personal development,surprise gift at the end” icon=”fa fa-check”]
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What will happen if you apply?

After filling out the application form, we will give you feedback on the appointment.
The next few days, you have nothing to do – enough to be spiritually prepared for the first time.
You can pay in one or two portions,
at the end of the first lesson, we will provide information about the transfer,
if you feel like finishing the course.

Apply now or write your questions to Edit at info@impulzusmusic.com!

Don’t have an instrument yet?

If you would like to own one, we can try to help – we are in contact with vendors that provide both affordable prices and quality instrument production.
However, if you’re not sure yet, then we have an excellent offer:

For our students we are providing instruments to rent at 2000 HUF/month (or 3000 HUF/month in case of instruments with higher maintenance cost) – within capacity.
Is there anything else holding you back? :)

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