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Do you want to sing freely again?

Would you like to improve your singing skills or just try something new?

Singing will also boost your self-confidence.

At ImPulzus, we believe that active music-making, including singing, often results in a development that in many other cases can only be achieved in years.
In addition to the fact that singing together shows you much more quickly what is still hidden in you, with the help of a good atmosphere, you can experience a kind of recharge that is almost unimaginable alone/otherwise.

With the creation of the Sing&Grow program, our goal is to create a session during which, in addition to singing together once a week, where we overcome the difficulties that deter many, we regularly set new challenges and seemingly unattainable goals – and we achieve them :)

That’s why it’s very important to me that as many of us as possible represent what can only be heard in a few schools: it’s okay to make mistakes – in fact, perhaps even more strongly: it’s necessary and useful to make mistakes :)
… because that’s the only way we can get better and braver in one area or another: in other words, if you feel that the biggest thing separating you from singing is the fact that you won’t succeed, allow me to encourage you: almost everyone starts this way – in fact, not even at the end they are perfect and I am especially not.

We built our system in such a way that everyone can get a taste of this world with a trial at the beginning, and those who continue will receive tasks every week that help them move forward one by one. At the end of the second month, we have two surprises.

Tőri Csaba, zenei igazgató, karvezető

Hello! I am Csaba Tőri – artistic director of two amateur choirs and ImPulzus. I work to ensure that as many people as possible find a connection to active music making, the joy that can be theirs from regular – individual or joint – music making every week.

Many of the people I work with in the choirs are still completely unsure at the beginning, but after a few months, as a result of working together, they have such an increase in self-confidence and regular shared experiences that neither they nor anyone else could have imagined.

The most important thing is that we do everything for fun, for learning, and I for more and more people dare to sing well :)

What is our goal when working together?

By the end of the program, dare and be able to use your voice – even if not only for singing

Experience how powerful it is when you succeed

Have a few songs that you can stand out with anywhere you want

Feel that you can do it too – and really be able to do it

We also give you some basics that you can use in any kind of music

What can you expect if you apply to us?


  • We don’t want you to commit to a long-term commitment right away: see with your own eyes whether you feel comfortable, and if so, we’ll choose a way to work together!
  • If you feel like it, come to a 50-60-minute trial session, where you can try out what it would be like to pay attention to your own voice on a regular basis!
    Of course, you can ask your questions here, if something has been bothering you for a long time, or if you feel that it will never work for you, we will help and show you how it has already been done for others.
  • We’ll definitely talk a little, then sing, we’ll help you become more and more aware with some exercises, and then we’ll keep singing :)
  • At the end, hopefully, you will be able to decide whether you want to do something like this in the future, and together we will discuss the way to do it.
A few words about the method:

What does a common 3-month period include?

  • Every week, a joint singing and confidence-building tasks
  • Usually a short chat every two weeks where you could ask how things are going
  • A concert visit together, which will help you not get lost later when you listen to classical music
  • Many, many videos that support the expansion of your horizons – in a good mood and with surprising materials :)

And as a bonus:

  • For the duration of the cooperation, we look forward to attending all concerts organized by us

What do those who have already visited us say?

Lilla Kaszás
Pharmaceutical HR database specialist

I remember the maximum attention I received during the classes and the great atmosphere. And for the very first class, when I went in tired, then I left feeling recharged and happy.

Flóra Kovács

After the scaling, it was very good to sing small songs and pieces of music first in class and then at home. :) Thanks to singing lessons and Csaba’s encouragement, singing has become a part of my everyday life, I often sing to start or end the day.

István György Tóth
ProgEn product manager

I usually think of you sitting at the piano and if I happen to hit a note, you nod your head in recognition. At first I was in disbelief for half a second, and then I thought, if he said it, then it was really good.

Come and join them!

We look forward to a free trial class,
we will call you after applying to make an appointment!

Are you sure it will work?

Nothing is 100% guaranteed, but we will do our best to make you feel good. Also, the most difficult cases in our lives always ended very positively: when someone came in almost from the street and said that he wanted to sing, I thought we should sing a few notes quickly. He couldn’t sing back a single one, not that clearly, maybe it wasn’t even really a singing voice. For example, he sang solo a few months later, and we were both very happy about that.

Who will I sing with if I apply?

Most of the time, groups come together who are almost at the same level in terms of age and experience. Of course, we will discuss this in advance – and during the free event you can even choose nice companions for yourself.

Can't I apply individually?

Yes, even then, the first step is to come to this joint occasion! If you feel afterwards that you would like to work together more individually, then we can find a solution for that as well.

How often were such occasions organized?

We usually hold 1 or 2 sessions per month, it also depends on whether we currently have free places. If you come now, we can definitely accept you, and we don’t know anything for sure about the future – but we are sure that we will try to spread the word to more and more people.

How do you know if I am suitable for it?

We are sure that 99% of people are especially suitable for it. Although there are 1-2 people who do not usually succeed in developing quickly, personally there has never been a student who could not develop despite the fact that he really liked doing it. So, if you feel good about it, the results will come.

The best motivation comes from within. We’ll help you find it!

We think it is the school’s job to encourage. Our desires are born from experience, and our knowledge from desire.

Fundamental freedom rights, passage 12: Everyone has the right to sing!

Some people take 10-15 years to realize that music is missing from their lives. And some people come to ImPulzus first.