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ImPulzus Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Besides aiming to facilitate other similar programs with Hangkeltő Foundation (such as the Subregional Choir Tours),  we would like to make musical education available for everyone, independently of income.

Our two main principles:

  • we honestly believe that practicing music can have a profound effect on one’s life, such that it could even significantly contribute to getting out of desperate life situations (because of this, it is a very serious problem that musical education is often not available to those who have financial hardships);
  • we would like to provide well-earned professional and financial appreciation to our working colleagues in a legal framework (and thus giving them the opportunity to work in their field of profession and not be forced to change careers after a few enthusiastic years).

To achieve these goals, we are starting the ImPulzus Corporate Social Responsibility Program, where we would like to ask you within your capabilities to support our work – you could help some of our financially disadvantaged students by taking over part of their education fee!

And if you feel like you would like to participate in musical education, but have a hard time procuring the tuition fee, send us your application on our website, and we will consult with you about how and when we can start working together according to our available budget! 

We hope that all of you will feel that you receive something special in return: our goal is to give all our students a great experience both in playing music and receiving personal attention – completely independent from the amount they pay.
We also believe that if there will be a couple of students who are willing to support our cause, in the next few years we are going to have the opportunity to contact social services to reach people we would not be able to reach otherwise.
Thank you for reading through this; we will be grateful if you have some ideas on how it could be done even better – and decide to share them with us :)

Available supported programs:








Jazz piano
















Choral Vocal Training

What does the program include?


In short:

  • options of application with 50% or 90% discount;
  • an opportunity for every applicant to support a student in need by taking over 20%, 50% or 100% of their course fee.

More details:

From now on, applicants for individual and small group sessions will be asked how much they think would be acceptable to pay for the classes. Unfortunately we cannot modify the original prices, even though we know some people may find them high; our goal is to make it commonly understandable and acceptable – since besides paying our colleagues which is an absolute priority, there are numerous other expenses we have to fit in our budget.

However, we consider it important to find a solution within our capabilities for those who cannot afford the originally determined prices. For this, first we will offer support from foundation sources, but later on we hope to have several other sources to provide options for students who can only afford 50%, or in an extreme case, 10% of the original price.
Of course, this initiative has its financial limits; supporting a student in need can only be done based on the actual available funds – we will automatically contact you to discuss this after you apply.
It is important that in case of multiple applicants at the same time, we will aim at not having to reject anyone due to lack of sources; we will actively work on finding a solution to be able to start working together. Since we try to provide equal support to everyone who needs it, we may not be able to immediately accept your application.
In any case, we will certainly contact you to talk about the options :)

“When I didn’t manage to play something properly for several times, thanks to the encouragement and practice in class, as well as the prompting of another task, I succeeded.”

“At the end, it really became clear how important it is to constantly look back at what I learned in the previous lessons. As we progressed, the “aha” experience came more and more.”
“Please continue this great work with great people, it’s a pleasure to learn from you :)”

The best motivation comes from within. We’ll help you find it!

We think it is the school’s job to encourage. Our desires are born from experience, and our knowledge from desire.

Fundamental freedom rights, passage 12: Everyone has the right to sing!

Some people take 10-15 years to realize that music is missing from their lives. And some people come to ImPulzus first.