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Many of us have had the dream since childhood to sound a real deep stringed instrument.

Both around the cello and the doublebass there are a resonance and an aura you can fall in love with as soon as you sit close to it. Moreover, they are not the most frequently played among musical instruments, so you will have the opportunity to play in a chamber orchestra. (If you would like to, we may help in where to find a good quality instrument on a fair price – buy or borrow.)

Cseperke Donáczi and Szabolcs Madarasi, though still young, have both been living around this instrument day by day for more than fifteen years now. When we asked, they both agreed that even during the first sessions you should be ready for playing music that has good spirit and is presentable for the family or friends.

What do you think, will you have time for the upcoming two months to start to do it – even online – and start to achieve the unfulfilled dream of some of us?

Come and join Cseperke or Szabolcs – meet the approach that will inspire you: let playing an instrument be both an exciting learning process and a game?


I have been involved in art, classical music and dancing since my early childhood. As a fresh university student, it is important for me to get to know my profession more, even the field of teaching. As a career beginner feedbacks are important for me. By this opportunity I am able to deliver my knowledge for each age-group, and furthermore, I am also learning together with my students.

Cseperke Donáczi

I have been playing the cello for more than 15 years, I am currently in my final year at the Academy of Music. I always considered it important to share music with others as a source of joy; this is why – besides concerts – teaching also has a key role in my life. I constantly keep examining and developing myself to be authentic about instructions I’m giving during classes. I consider my students as partners; if we both can invest the energy needed into the time spent together, we will be able to create something new and wonderful, not only out of the musical piece but out of each other as well.

Szabolcs Madarasi

Personal sessions

8500 Ft

/ session

[vntd_list items=”recommended minimum length: 10 weeks,1 x 50 minutes per week,personal development,available appointments: on Wednesday and Friday afternoon,surprise gift at the end” icon=”fa fa-check”]
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What will happen if you apply?

After filling out the application form, we will give you feedback on the appointment.

The next few days, you have nothing to do – enough to be spiritually prepared for the first time.

You can pay in one  or two portions,
at the end of the first lesson, we will provide information about the transfer,
if you feel like finishing the course.

Apply now or write your questions to Edit at info@impulzusmusic.com !

Don’t have an instrument yet?

If you would like to own one, we can try to help – we are in contact with vendors that provide both affordable prices and quality instrument production.

However, if you’re not sure yet, then we have an excellent offer:

For our students we are providing instruments to rent at 2000 HUF/month (or 3000 HUF/month in case of instruments with higher maintenance cost) – within capacity.

Is there anything else holding you back? 😊

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