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Hi! Are you also fed up with that your choir often disintegrates, even more it is late all the time? Have you ever felt that you would do anything to stop this? Then it’s time to solve this problem forever!

Welcome, my name is Csaba Tőri, it is familiar for me to how you feel now when I ask you about your choir. I was in the same shoes a couple of years ago, when I got fed up with it, and finally I met someone who helped me in this…

I was in the same situation as you and I got a solution that helped me to finish with the “typical delays”.

To tell the truth I am always surprised on how easy is to change this, and on how rarely we got to such places where this is can be solved for the rest of the life. During these sessions we are working on that it would be easier for you in these cases – and in more other things too.

Let’s see precisely how you can rely on us:

  • We will clarify the questions you want to improve in.
  • We review the basics you often use.
  • During almost three months you will get token tasks and exercises that can help to implement some new mechanism.
  • Working together during these weeks will provide you tools to use in case you feel stuck, so you become much more self-confident.
  • We will go through the structure of some actual piece, so you can rely on a deeper, more complex knowledge.

Choir building and conducting

4500 HUF

/ session

[vntd_list items=”10 or 15 sessions,50 minutes / session,Groups of 4-5 ,On Monday or Wednesday, based on an agreement,Surprise gift at the end” icon=”fa fa-check”]
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What will happen if you apply?

After filling out the application form, we will give you feedback on the appointment.
The next few days, you have nothing to do – enough to be spiritually prepared for the first time.
You can pay in one or two portions,
at the end of the first lesson, we will provide information about the transfer,
if you feel like finishing the course.

Apply now or write your questions to Edit at info@impulzusmusic.com!

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