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Active musical team building for everyone

Would you be happy if you could participate in some truly creative team building program with your colleagues?

Would you like to spend a day together with them, by the end of which everyone gets to know a new side of the others?

The Sing&Trust program was created from the realization that one of the best means of keeping a team together is playing music together – however, most of the time this only takes place in the evening (perhaps at home between the four walls), at most during karaoke.

That’s why we thought of putting together a program that serves a dual purpose: on the one hand, it helps relaxation and the team’s better attunement to each other, and on the other hand, we help those who want to make the most of their inherent abilities.
Of course, all of this is more of a possibility than an expectation: we will be happy if, at the end of the day, we see that everyone had a good time, managed to find what they came for – and the atmosphere remains memorable for them.
On the other hand, we help everyone who wants to make use of their inherent abilities.

The program is organized in two versions: half-day and full-day – 4 hours and 7-8 hours respectively.

We have selected the materials of the day from two types of topics: the 60-80 minute blocks both contain specifically musical tasks, which lead from very simple initial warm-ups to more complex, exciting tasks, as well as playful tasks that view music as an additional tool, the aim of which is to solve creating unusual situations different from work.

During the day, our goal is to get you as close as possible. Sometimes we’ll play with rhythms, other times with pillows, and at the end of the day we’ll try to get a little creativity out of everyone – who knows, we’ll even be able to sing in several parts at the end, and maybe there will even be someone who composes music at the end (of course, this is more optional only).

Our goal is for the members of the team to get to know each other’s new side, and to create an atmosphere of trust that will give the team as a whole a new boost in the coming weeks.

The program is carried out by the employees of ImPulzus Creative Music Lab, who in the last 10-12 years have led many programs specifically for amateurs.

From the beginning, ImPulzus’ role has been to make music an experience, and to always find an area where we can improve – if possible, together. The essence of this method in teaching is that we have a well-developed methodology that provides the framework and that cannot contain any mandatory elements, and in addition, we find each person’s own motivation together.

Tőri Csaba, zenei igazgató, karvezető

Csaba Tőri
choir conductor, music teacher, leader of ImPulzus

Csaba is one of the creative representatives of the local amateur choir movement, his two choirs have performed many exciting concerts in 10 years – while he has also been taking an active role in the training of professional musicians for 10 years at the high school level. Based on the feedback, he is a very motivated and inspiring personality who, breaking the habits, looks for a way until we reach the result together.

Tőri Csaba, zenei igazgató, karvezető

Laura Marton (Lara)
experiential learning trainer, coach

As an experiential learning trainer, Lara has been dealing with groups, self-knowledge and social competence development for more than 7 years. His philosophy is that developing in a playful way is not only more enjoyable, but also much more effective. Instead of focusing on the tasks, we experience them as a burden to complete, the experiences we experience carry us along, and learning happens unnoticed.

Creative tasks and games – an easy and encouraging start

Exciting challenges at the end of the day

A surprising amount of laughter, while sometimes we are also very focused

Movement and music, music and movement – the goal is to build self-confidence and cooperation

There will always be a surprise

How can you apply?

Please write via the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you within a few days.

If, after the short conversation, we feel that the program we dreamed up would work with you, we will invite you to an online conversation, where we will map out a little more what you need. Here it will be very important that you also ask the questions that are important to you, and here we will be able to agree on the exact schedule, knowing the location and the number of people.

After that, we will plan the joint program, i.e. from here on you have nothing else to do but come and have a good time together with the pre-planned colleagues.

What do those who have already visited us say?

It gave us a lot that you shaped the program for us and there was constant feedback and questions.
It was good to be here and see that it’s not just me who gets nervous before public appearances, but we’re trying to overcome it.
We were enriched by a shared experience. There were so many positive experiences that I can’t even describe them :)

Would you be happy if we organized such a day at your organization/company?

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Come and enjoy yourself in a really special program: playing music and singing together without worries!

The best motivation comes from within. We’ll help you find it!

We think it is the school’s job to encourage. Our desires are born from experience, and our knowledge from desire.

Fundamental freedom rights, passage 12: Everyone has the right to sing!

Some people take 10-15 years to realize that music is missing from their lives. And some people come to ImPulzus first.