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Vocal Technics form a Materialistic Angle

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Written by Csaba Tőri

30 January 2019[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Getting weaker a butterfly – is said – could less and less fly, its wings get collapsed more and more. And after hours/days of waiting for passing away, in a minute it soars high as long time before, and as it lands it takes its final breath.
Allegedly most humans pass away after getting better all of a sudden. As if they would show once again what really is hidden in them.

Several music pieces are composed the same way: slowing, fading, calming down, and by the end flying high again: a big crescendo, a strong dominant and it ends.
This pattern could be detected in many areas: we humans are like this, we see it in the animal world, and we even find it in music.

„Everything is energy, this is all what you should know.

Tune yourself on the frequency of the Reality you want to live on and you will get it. It can not be other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

One can read these – not always relevant – kind of quotations in esoteric notes. I lifted up my head when I learned that these words were those of Einstein. So a man who happened to be one of the highest peaks of materialistic thinkers, greatest minds described these words over those I can discuss truly with  friends knowledgeable in sciences. :)

For many years I had thought there was no depth behind material. There was nothing behind things, once we would understand why things are like they are, as all relations can be learnt and proved. But then there was no reason to play music: if everything is logical and explainable, someone should please help to understand why I get depressed by one precise and accurate performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and catch fire by another one that is almost the same by the music notes. Still there must be a substantial difference.

I still feel likely that most of the things could be described by exact calculations but for a long time I have been observing when materialistic and spiritual approaches are conform. Learning the world is sensational and I feel it becomes apparent more and more that different approaches get to the same point.

Eventually singing consist of the same mechanisms as life. Energy, unexplainable self confidence are key factors in whether two line H will sound or fall. Just as we have been developing by learning reading and writing or as we learn our qualities, whether we bear hot spices or not, we are following the same route when training to sing. We need to know when starting where we are and where we want to get. In order to see what we have to develop – and after smaller successes, filled up with self confidence to cope with bigger tasks.

And our biggest help is energy and common wish: as we motivate and inspire also each other that it could be and will be better the obstacles will outweigh.

Immediately I fell less that „I do not have a voice, it is better for everybody not to hear this”. But Steve is standing beside me, who also does not have.

Not yet.

But till it will come, it is good to invest energy together.

This is what Choral Vocal Training is about. We do believe that one does not have to face all time at the beginning what one does not know. When starting, we set goals together and collect good practices so as to get more spirit and knowledge what one can base higher goals on when stepping forward.

ImPulzus would like to help here, and that is why we developed weekly Choral Vocal Trainings or intensive weekend workshops.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]