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Free movement with live music

Feel the rhythm, the soft melodies, the freedom

By freeing ourselves, we return to pure, infinite love, the only true being.
Create from the Wholeness, from the space of Love, for the benefit of ourselves and All That Exists!
When your soul comes alive, you become a divine creator for the benefit of yourself and others.

Nikolett Molnár

How do our sessions differ from other baby programs?

Today, there are many programs in which parents with babies can participate and in which babies are the main focus.

Paula Chelemen and Nikolett Molnár now reverse this order and provide relaxation time for adults who can come with their baby, child (0-3 years old), and even pregnant women.

In addition to the fact that the free movement and the meditative, relaxing sound bath help to release the body’s tensions, they offer an opportunity to connect more deeply with the little ones. Whether it’s father, mother, grandparent or any family member who arrives, they can leave feeling refreshed and enriched with new experiences.

Paula Chelemen musician, saxophone and clarinet teacher, who is already known for her versatility by those who follow ImPulzus, plays not only the clarinet and the piano, but also an unusual instrument, the Tongue Drum, during the sessions.

The Tündér drum is a percussive melodic instrument whose soundscape is similar to the harp. It is the perfect choice for creating soft, rocking melodies. You can not only hit it with your hands, but you can also make a sound like a drum with 2 rubber heads.

The acoustic music is created improvisationally by Paula following the movements of the participants and Nikolett’s instructions at the given moment.

And there is no obstacle for any child who feels open to trying smaller, rattling percussion instruments.

Tőri Csaba, zenei igazgató, karvezető
Tőri Csaba, zenei igazgató, karvezető

Nikolett Molnár is a dancer, mentor, instructor, one of the founding members of the international pole and aerial art competition (Pole and Aerial Art Hungary), and coordinates the sessions together with her recently born second child. Since 2011, she has been engaged in pole dancing and aerial gymnastics.
As an active participant in international competitions, he achieved many nice results.

For several years, she has been helping women to get closer to themselves and their inner strength within the framework of courses and personal mentoring, so that they can take their rightful place in the world as fulfilled, liberated women .

For this, she calls on the art of dance, pole dancing, self-developed forms of movement, supplementing her personal consultations.

Beneficial effects of the session:

  • Relaxation for all members of the family.
  • The soft rhythms of the music have a relaxing and filling effect on the baby, mother, father, grandmother or grandfather.
  • Music has a positive effect on the development of the brain and nervous system, its cognitive abilities, the development of repetitive patterns, counting, body awareness and memory, communication and social skills, whether the fetus is in the womb or we are already holding our baby in our arms.
  • Through music and movement, we make our child familiar with and fall in love with various arts at an early age, which will accompany her/him throughout her/his life.
  • You can bond with your baby even in your tummy. This mutual attunement, the soft swaying dance, will accompany you during and after your pregnancy.
  • Babies are introduced to music and movement in the womb. The mother's melodious voice, the rocking of her hips, are all rhythm and melody for the baby, which calms her/him down and gives her/him a sense of security. After birth, the 'Rock with your baby' sessions bring her/him back to this safe loving space.
  • The movement connects the music, the baby, the rocking and restraining adult, turning the moment into unity and a continuous flow.
What you should bring to the session:

  • a harness, which can be elastic, woven or buckled, in which the baby feels comfortable (if there is none, there is no problem, you can come without it)
  • comfortable clothing in which you can move freely
  • polyfoam
  • tools needed for baby care (diapers, wet wipes, etc.)

What we are preparing to make you feel more comfortable:

  • fruit basket
  • mineral water
  • pillows

The sessions are held in ImPulzus Creaive Music Lab.

1067 Budapest, Csengery u. 76.,  1. emelet 7., 11-es csengő

Next date:

On Thursdays
9:15 -9:45
10:15 – 10:45

Free movement


Relaxation sound effects

One time ticket*

2800 Ft



*The one-time ticket entitles 1 adult and 1 child between the ages of 0 and 3 to enter.
All additional adults can visit the program with an accompanying ticket of HUF 1,000.

We reserve the right to make changes. In case of absence of the leaders of the session, we provide a replacement.

One-time tickets can only be purchased in advance, online, here on our website.
We use the Stripe system for bank card payments.

What do those who have already visited us say?


“I remember the maximum attention I received during the classes and the great atmosphere. And for the very first time, when I fell in tired, then I came out feeling refreshed and happy.”


We love it when Paula presents things in a silly, playful way to make the practice easier :)) sometimes the techniques for teaching children help adults a lot too :)


I managed to slow down a bit. I have a pretty fast-paced everyday life, and I am anyway, but it leads to mistakes. It was difficult and it is difficult now, but it helps a lot in other areas as well.

The best motivation comes from within. We’ll help you find it!

We think it is the school’s job to encourage. Our desires are born from experience, and our knowledge from desire.

Fundamental freedom rights, passage 12: Everyone has the right to sing!

Some people take 10-15 years to realize that music is missing from their lives. And some people come to ImPulzus first.